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Xe ô tô điện 2 động cơ; 2 chỗ ngồi; kiểu xe Benz G55-AMG (G55)

Giá bán: 1VNĐ

Điện thoại: 0936 866 662 - 091 666 8031 - (08)6269 5738

Tên khách hàng:
Số điện thoại:
Ý kiến:
Xe ô tô điện 2 động cơ; 2 chỗ ngồi; kiểu xe Benz G55-AMG (G55)

Mô Tả Chi Tiết Sản Phẩm:


  1. 12V7AH battery, 
  2. MP3 input interface,
  3. Spacious and comfortable seating, 
  4. Wheel simulation, 
  5. Simulation of automobile headlamps, 
  6. Music steering wheel,
  7. You can assembly it by yourself.
  8. etc.


  1. Smooth and pneumatic technology.
  2. 2.4GHz One-to-one remote control frequency technology.
  3. Slopes automatic brake technology.
  4. Remote control of priority and emergency brake technology.
  5. Four remote control functions: forward, backward, left turn, right turn,
  6. Self-drive feature, you can remote control or kids drive by their self,
  7. While driving the vehicle lights,
  8. You can adjust the music volume,
  9. Comes with MP3 input feature, you can play your favourite music,
  10. Design of wheel slip, and seat belt device, suitable for use by children,
  11. Simulation design of functional operator panel, simulating key to start design,
  12. Remote distance: 50-100 M,
  13. Speed: 1-10 km/h,
  14. Packing: corrugated cardboard boxes outside, inside bubbles.