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Xe ô tô điện kiểu Land Rover SX118

Giá bán: 3,950,000VNĐ

Điện thoại: 0936 866 662 - 091 666 8031 - (08)6269 5738

Tên khách hàng:
Số điện thoại:
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Xe ô tô điện kiểu Land Rover SX118

Xe ô tô điện kiểu Land Rover SX118

Land Rover children's electric vehicle four wheel dual drive off-road car can sit baby stroller child toy car battery


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Categories: B/O-> Ride on
Item Number: SX118
Product Name: R/C Ride on Car
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Ride on car with 2.4G remote control


  1. With MP3 socket, adjustable volume, power display.
  2. With attractive LED lights on cars and wheels.
  3. Slow start, both side doors can open, gear selection.
  4. Electronic steering wheel and tyre easy to assemble.
  5. Multi-function remote controller with frequency&speeds selection and break button.
  6. Stroller function: Handle under front bottom and two small wheels under rear bottom.
  7. Leather seat, painting, foot cushion is optional.


Battery: 6V7AH*2

Motor: 35W*2

Speed: high&low

Max loading: 30kgs

Suitable age: 3-10 years old

Color: red, white